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Welcome, I’m Jacki Edwards. I’m here to help you step into abundant health and purpose. 

Whether we’re talking about improving your physical health or spiritual well-being, I’d love to be of service to you.

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coaching with compassion

How May I Health You | CEO

Jacqueline Edwards founded her coaching company, How May I Health You, out of a desire to help people better manage chronic diseases.

She’s  a board certified family nurse practitioner and diabetes educator who has been in nursing for over 14 years.

Her years of experience serving patients in rural communities and witnessing the health care disparities have increased her passion for coaching and educating individuals to effectively self-manage their chronic disease.


DYNAMIC SPEAKEr and author

Speaking on Faith, Health, and Purpose

 Jacki is authentic, dynamic, and powerful.

Whether you’re reading one of her books or watching her on stage, you’re bound to walk away feeling inspired and encouraged.

It’s her transparency and authenticity when sharing the painful battles she’s faced in her life, that allows her to connect with audiences in a way that’s truly mesmerizing.

It’s her uncanny ability to see challenges as mere opportunities and setbacks as a catapult towards greater achievements that leaves her audiences feeling empowered.

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Just Let My Soul Live

The book is a moving tribute to how God can turn even the most disastrous situations into declarations of faith and trust in Him.

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My God Encounter Moments

This autobiographical account details several of the author’s encounters with the Heavenly Father throughout her life…